Steven Bernstein

trumpeter | bandleader | composer | arranger

The official website of composer and slide trumpet master Steven Bernstein - bandleader of Millennial Territory Orchestra, Sex Mob, Diaspora Projects and many more.

Cultural Capital on NPR's Fresh Air

"And there's something a little garage bandy (ph) about Sexmob's vibe in a good way. Their new CD, "Cultural Capital," was recorded at a home studio and comes in a plain, brown cardboard sleeve. Brass man Steven Bernstein writes the catchy tunes which are peppered with dance beats from tango to Jamaican dub to Jewish wedding. They can play tight but also have gleefully rude side. Saxophonist Briggan Krauss is their go-to guy for that."

Listen/Read Kevin Whitehead's review here!

* Physical copies of Cultural Capital are available for sale exclusively at Downtown Music Gallery.